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How can we provide our service to you?



We have several options and payment systems to make things accessible for everyone.


Option 1


We can come into your Early Years setting as often as you like, once a week, once a month, once a half term, or even just once a term.

For one 45 minute session we charge £60 per session (for up to 20 children) ,this includes all the props, mats, instruments, and sensory equipment required for that session.  In a nursery setting all you need to provide is the extra staff to ensure correct ratios are met.

We are also happy to provide several sessions back to back at a discounted rate of £50 per session.


Option 2


Subsidised, you can fund half the class at £25 and then we charge the parents for the other half, ie £2.50 per session. 

Option 3

We can run regular sessions in your Early Years setting where we open them to the public and charge them a fee per session and we provide you with 5 free spaces in that class in exchange for the use of your room. 

Option 4

We can provide big parties for your Early Years Settings for up to 50 children we charge £120 for an hour session, great for Christmas parties or end of year celebrations.

We really hope there is an option suitable to meet your needs, however if there is not please feel free to contact us and discuss your preference.




Our Mission

We want to educate and help to develop children through play, having fun, keeping fit and develop a love for music and dance. 
We play music, so it should be fun and accessible to anyone and with our Beebops classes we strive to make that happen and we Learn through Play.

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