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Children's Centre Sessions


Our Beebops classes are structured and expressive and can help children develop in many different ways through a lively, fun, safe and educational ‘grown-up’ and child interactive sensory, music and dance class.  We actively encourage the grown-up to assist and join in with the child.  We aim for the child to benefit from 45 minute uninterrupted time interacting in different ways with their grown up helping to strengthen parent and child attachment.  Music and dance helps to release endorphins which help to make us happy, so our classes are great for mums suffering with post natal depression too!!

Development is a key aspect of Beebops classes, we aim to inform the parents of some of benefits of what they are doing with their child and why.  Playing percussion instruments helps to develop fine motor skills and the use of the large props and movement songs help with the gross motor skills.  Physical exercise is also a key aspect of our classes, we do not expect them to sit for long periods of time, we want them up skipping, jumping and dancing and raising their heart rates and increasing their physical activity.  Even in our baby classes we encourage the parents to move the babies around to help with dexterity and vestibular development.






Nursery and Pre-School Sessions


In our Nursery and Pre-School sessions we encourage lots of independence,  helping the children to gain self confidence and exploring all different types of mediums.   We do require the correct adult to child ratio's in our sessions and find the grown ups love our sessions as much as the children do.  Its also a great form of exercise and can help with the children's fine and gross motor skills.  Most of all its lots of fun for everyone!! 

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